Sisterhood of the travelling lift pass

This summer, the Muddbunnies gave a Whistler Sampler Ticket – good for three runs in the bike park – to Amber. Amber gave the pass to Emily, and Emily gave the pass to Piper. We asked Piper to tell us about her experience at Whistler, and here’s what she has to say!

Piper at the lift

Piper waiting for the chair lift

At the end the summer Emily from the Dirty Girlz gave me a pass for three runs in the Whistler Bike Park. Me and my dad took the chairlift up and rode my favourite trail – Crank it Up. I love step ups!

Then we rode Karate Monkey and Ninja Cougar, but Heart of Darkness was closed. For our last run we did Easy Does It because we wanted the longest run. I can’t wait until next spring so we can go back. Thank you Dirty Girlz!

Piper (Age 8)

Ready to ride!